Rabu, 14 November 2012

soal ulangan bab 1 semester 1

Choose A,B,C or D for the correct answer.

   1.It is 8 p.m. you meet your teacher in a party. You greet him “…..”
       a. Hello sir.                     b. Good night, sir         
       c. Good evening            d. Have a good day, sir
  2. Harry  :  hi …..
      Tanti   :  hi, Harry. I am Tanti
        a. I’m fine, thanks                b. Nice to meet you                 
        c. My name is Harry            d. How are you?
       X  : (3)…..you student of Habirau?
      Y  : No, We (4)….. . We are student of MTsN Negara
  3.   a. Do           b. is                   c. Am                   d. are   
  4.   a. is             b. are                 c. is not                d. are not
  5. Am I a nurse? Yes, ….. are
        a. she          b. I                     c. they                  d. you
  6. I like your picture. ….. are very talented 
       a. She           b. He                  c. You                  d. They
  7. ….. cat is ….. animal
        a. The – an          b. A – an          c. The – a        d. A – The
  8. This is …..dress. ….. dress is yellow 
        a. The – an          b. A – the         c. An – a         d. An - the
  9. I have some novels. They are ….. favorite books
        a. my          b. your              c. their                         d. its
 10. Rudi buys new shoes. ….. shoes are black
        a. my                 b. your                c. her                   d. his
 11. whar is this?         

                                                  ….. is a hand phone
  1. That               b. This            c. Those                d. These
 12. ….. are children
       a. That                  b. This            c. Those                d. These
 13. …. an  onion on the plate
      a. There are           b. There is         c. That is           d. those are
 14. ….. not book on the table
      a. There are           b. There is          c. That is           d. Those are
 15. ….. thirty six student in your class?
      a. Is there              b. Are there         c. Is that           d. Is this

                                                                                GOOD LUCK

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